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Boy 'barred from night club because black'

Nightclub says barred because had been drunk and disorderly

(ANSA) - ROME, AUG 16 - A 16-year-old Italian-Ethiopian boy was barred from seeing his favourite trapper at a nightclub on the Ravenna Riviera Friday because he is black, his family and the anti-racism activist group 'Mamme Per La Pelle' said.
    The boy, whose first name was given as Biniyam, was prevented from entering the Marina Bay nightspot at Marina di Ravenna for a concert by his idol, Capo Plaza, said the group's founder Gabriella Nobile.
    She said she would report the incident to the authorities.
    "Biniyam was the only black boy, he's an adopted Emilian-Romagnolan boy aged 16 and was the only black in his group to be excluded, all the others who got it were white," said Nobile.
    "We're going to report this to local prosecutors".
    Marina Bay admitted that the boy had been prevented from attending the trapper's concert.
    But the club said this was not because he was black but because he was on an exclusion list.
    He had been put on the list, they said, because he had turned up drunk a fortnight previously and caused problems to staff.


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