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'Portable sanctuary for goddess Anuket' on display in Turin

At Egyptian museum, two guided tours

- ROMA, 24 GEN - "A portable sanctuary for the goddess Anuket" debuted at the Egyptian museum in Turin Monday.
    The show is curated by Paolo Del Vesco, since 2014 an archeologist at the museum, with excavation experiences in Italy, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Sudan. At the center of the exhibit, which is part of the cycle 'In the laboratory of the researcher', dedicated to the scientific activity conducted by curators and Egyptologists of the Department Collection and Research of the museum, there is a little wooden sanctuary, dating back to pharaoh Ramesses II (1279-1213 BC), dedicated to the goddess Anuket and other divinities venerated in the religious center of Elephantine, near Aswan, in southern Egypt.
    The excellent state of conservation, the presence of a portico with two columns on the façade and the decorations on walls are some of the elements that make the finding a unique object of its kind.
    For other examples of small wooden sanctuaries which belonged to a different era and did not have a frontal portico with columns, it is necessary to go back to the funerary kit of pharaoh Tutankhamon. The sanctuary comes from the site of Deir el-Medina, the village that during the New Kingdom hosted artisans that made the tombs of the Valley of the Kings and Queens. Some stele on religious life of the community of Deir el-Medina are also displayed.
    Two guided tours with the exhibit's curator are also scheduled: on January 25 and March 1, both at 4:30 pm. A maximum of 25 people can attend by booking online; the cost is seven euros per person (entry ticket is excluded). The show runs until March 20.


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