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Rome to name public space after Monica Vitti

Screen legend was beloved by city, 'Romanissima' says mayor

(ANSA) - ROME, FEB 4 - Rome is to name a public space after Monica Vitti, the Roman-born Italian screen legend who died Wednesday at the age of 90, Mayor Roberto Gualtieri said at her lying in state at the Campidoglio (Capitol) Friday.
    "Monica Vitti was an extraordinary actress who is rightly being remembered and celebrated all over the world," Gualtieri said.
    "We want to honour her. The Casa del Cinema is organizing a showing of her films today and tomorrow and we will also try to remember her properly, naming a place in our city after her".
    The husky voiced Vitti, who moved seamlessly from being companion Michelangelo Antonioni's 'incommunicability muse' in a trio of cult films in the 60s to a star of commedia all'italiana with the likes of Alberto Sordi beside her, was a "very much loved figure, and the city mourns her, she was a Roman, Romanissima," said Gualtieri.
    Countless Romans and others filed past Vitti's coffin to pay their last respects to the queen of Italian cinema on Friday, many leaving cards saying "Grazie Monica".
    Her widower and long-time caregiver, filmmaker Roberto Russo, oversaw the ceremony with Gualtieri. (ANSA).


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