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Zelensky spokesperson responds to Berlusconi over Putin

Does Berlusconi trust a killer? says Nykyforov

(see related) (ANSA) - ROME, SEP 23 - Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky's spokesperson has criticized Forza Italia (FI) leader Silvio Berlusconi after the media billionaire and ex-premier suggested Russia President Vladimir Putin was "pushed" into invading Ukraine.
    "Putin has been in power for 20 years. He has killed or imprisoned his political opponents," Zelensky spokesperson Seriiy Nykyforov told La Repubblica.
    "He organized a massacre in Syria, he is responsible for taking out a passenger flight with 300 people on board in 2014.
    "Now he is threatening nuclear weapons.
    "So, if we have understood right, Berlusconi trusts him and uses his example to define who is respectable and who isn't?" When asked about Sunday's election, Nykyforov said "it's essential that the citizens choose candidates who have, and who follow, the right moral principles". (ANSA).


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