Piedmont boasts a complete mobility, transport sector

Region is cradle of components industry, has wealth of know-how

(ANSA) - ROME, SEP 27 - The cradle of Italy's components sector with 38% of its turnover, Turin and Piedmont have maintained their status as the beating heart of the Italian automotive industry, with a wealth of 736 companies, 33.5% of the national total, 18.6 billion euros in revenues and over 60,000 employees, 37% of the nationwide total.
    This vocation explains why the VTM - Vehicle & Transportation Technology Innovation Meetings - has taken place in Turin since the first convention in 2018 and will return to the city March 30-31 with the support of the Region of Piedmont and the Turin Chamber of Commerce.
    It is an opportunity to assess the state of the sector and its future with the top players.
    Indeed, the key Italian and international players are in Piedmont, with a complete, competitive supply chain, research and development centres, top laboratories, business incubators, networks of public institutions and top universities, including world-famous engineering academia.
    Together they develop and perfect innovative systems and productive systems to improve transport efficiency and they contribute to giving the region the position of being one of the top clusters, not just at the European level, but also in global terms.
    The Piedmont automotive and transport industry boasts a whole sector, going from the initial stages to the final product, from the concept of the vehicle to production: design, prototyping, styling, robotics and automation, components and mass production, the industrialization of the product and test driving.
    The supply chain also boasts strong know-how in the fields of electrical and electronic architecture, including energy conversion systems, real-time communication systems, advanced human-machine interface systems and systems for remote control.
    The roles of the mechanical industry, R&D and design are also strategic at all levels, with leadership in robotics and mechatronics helping innovation, automation and cost efficiency along the whole supply chain, including via the widespread adoption of melting processes for light materials and new technologies, such as additive manufacturing and 3D printing.
    So Turin and Piedmont have a position of strength from which to start in order to address the new sector challenges and reach new markets, thanks to the know-how that is available for the development, integration and production of electric vehicles and, in general, for solutions and services for complete electrical mobility, including the storage and distribution of energy.
    Here there are innovative concepts of smart mobility that combine vehicles and infrastructure via the application of advanced digital technologies. (ANSA).


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