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Soccer: 'Coach eater' Zamparini dies at 80

Fiery Palermo and Venezia chairman had high manager turnover

(ANSA) - ROME, FEB 1 - Former Palermo and Venezia owner Maurizio Zamparini, dubbed the "coach eater" for the high turnover of managers under his fiery and impatient regimes, has died at the age of 80, his family said Tuesday.
    The Friuli born businessman, who turned 80 in June, died of complications due to a colon issue, they said.
    Zamparini's 23-year-old youngest child, a man, died of an ischemia in London in October.
    fans paid tribute to the colourful character on social media.
    @MaaxiAngelo said: "Tragic news in Italy this morning: former Palermo owner Maurizio Zamparini has passed. He helped give careers to some incredible Serie A legends: Toni, Cavani, Dybala, Miccoli, F. Grosso, Barzagli, Nocerino, Ilicic, Belotti, Pastore, F. Vazquez.
    Grazie per tutto, Zamp." @AtFutbolShIrItalia said: "Italys biggest manager eater, Maurizio Zamparini sadly passed today.
    Former owner of Palermo and Venezia.
    He was certainly one of the main characters in the history of calcio! After one defeat he said of his players "I WILL CUT OFF THEIR TESTICLES & EAT THEM IN MY SALAD." (ANSA).


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